Radon Mitigation Sub-slab Method In Tomahawk

Sub-slab depressurization (SSD) systems are the most commonly used method used in radon mitigation. As a matter of fact, the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) recommends this system when mitigating radon. Sub-slab systems is also a great tool in diminishing any risk that associates itself with vapor intrusion. Sub-slab radon mitigation systems are the best way, when possible to remove elevated levels, hands down. Ask about our guarantee

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing will always offer the best quality radon mitigation system parts to all of our customers. Why, because we care about the outcome and longevity of each and every radon system we install. We take great pride in knowing that our radon installation piping parts will last a lifetime.


Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing is Lincoln County's  leading and local installer of radon fans and other radon mitigation parts and products.  We supply parts used to build outstanding radon mitigation systems in Tomahawk. These supplies are top of the line items when used for  reducing radon in air. Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing offers a wide arrangement of radon fan models to efficiently complete radon reduction within the homes and businesses in our community. Our system parts are used in public, commercial and residentional structures.

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing has more than 30 years mitigating simple and difficult radon gas problems. Often, a radon problem may appear to be easily removed, but situations can occur and a well skilled seasoned professional will be needed to reduce the radon. As experts in the field, we install only the best radon mitigation system parts in Tomahawk.  We are very pleased to present our guaranteed radon abatement system. A guarantee is our customers insurance, that radon will be reduced below 4.0 pCi/L

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing has a large array of fans and parts. All fans used in radon abatement systems are UL listed. This is an important factor when choosing a radon remediation contractor. A UL listing will give peace of mind to any consumer wanting to choose the right products to for their custom radon system.



For decades,the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has made recommendations concerning radon testing and systems to U.S. consumers. Sub-slab depressurization systems is strongly regarded by the agency as the preferred method to use when mitigating radon. We can provide our radon mitigation system parts guarantee on our cost estimate.


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