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Best Radon Mitigation in Tomahawk, WI

When it comes to selecting the BEST radon mitigation company in Tomahawk, WI, there are many aspects to keep in mind.

(1) Experience is so important when reducing cancer causing radon! Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing has decades of designing and installing radon reducing remediation systems. Our dedicated installers have many worked years making sure radon problems are met and solved installing radon reduction systems, here in northern Wisconsin. The evacuation of this gas can be tricky when working with so many different types of cottages, homes and condo's.

(2) Equipment and material needs to be tough and long-lasting. Tomahawk Radon Mitigation and Testing uses only materials and equiptment that  is government approved. We only install radon mitigation fans and piping with a UL listing. As northern Wisconsin experts, we have deterrmined which radon parts and materials best adhere to our highest standards.

(3) A guarantee should definately be a part of every system installation. A guarantee offered, is usually found on the proposal to reduce levels to 4.0 pCi/L and below. These are the radon levels which are EPA recommended to U.S. residents.

(4)System appearance impact is so important, Sub-slab is the remediation method most commonly used and is a Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing specialty. We do our very best and specialize to make sure that the radon mitigation system is well hidden or situated in the most non-visible area possible. A radon abatement system is not beautiful architecture, so why not be sure it is less seen? Tomahawk Radon Mitigation $ Testing does not add extra costs to our customers to conceal our radon system installations as other companies do. Our installed radon reduction systems are placed and designed as if in our own home!

(5) Installation costs are important. Tomahawk Radon Testing & Mitigation always gives the best value for cost. Efficiency and experience goes a long way in keeping our costs reasonable. That is how we keep quality materials, radon fans and equiptment top notch and quality control high and efficient. Our prices, workmanship and quality cannot be matched!

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing continues education yearly and keeps up with the latest studies and news concerning radon gas. Here are a few facts we though you need to know in order to protect your family from this deadly gas.:

(1) The higher the radon reading, the higher health risks become.

(2) Lung cancer is documented as the leading cause of cancer deaths each year in the U.S.

(3) Lung cancer often metastasizes into other cancers, before or after the individual discovers a cancer diagnosis.

(4) Cancer can effect all people of every race and age, but smokers have even more chances of cancer risk due to radon exposure.

(5) Knowing the risks of radon, informs individuals of the necessity and value in knowing what the indoor radon levels are and addressing elevated gas and its exposure to occupants.


Is Tomahawk, WI testing for elevated radon gas enough?

Answer: Yes and no, obviously if a Tomahawk resident has tested for radon gas and the sample shows elevated radon, the right home was indeed measured. But, if a home has been lived in for many years and never had radon testing done, there could be a real big issue if someone who occupied the home develops lung cancer.

Radon penetrates from the soil. It can be found in large areas beneath the ground and small patches. There have been many occasions where a neighbor on one side of a home measures elevated and the other home on the other side tests low for radon. We just do not know what the case is for each individual home until the home is properly tested for the toxin.

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing can set up an appointment to conduct radon measurement. We can test using a radon monitor or radon testing charcoal kits that are read by a radon certified laboratory. The test will stay at the home for 48 hours and is then retrieved. Results can be retrieved immediately following the radon monitor test and within days following the conclusion of testing lab kits .  Since Radon testing is important and Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing is has certified technicians to sample the gas in homes We have testers holding special training certifications in schools and multi-family building radon measuremet. In fact,  We are the BEST radon mitigation company in Tomahawk, Wisconsin hands down.

Tomahawk radon mitigation systems are installed the same as in other areas in the state of Wisconsin and most of the U.S. For the safety of our community, homes and buildings must always  be tested before determining whether or not they are safe for families, from radon gas penetration. Some studies have shown areas in Lincoln County, WI to have a 5.1pCi/L average of indoor Radon measurement level, when sampled. A 5.1pCi/L is clearly above the EPA suggested action level. U.S Surgeon General issues warning and urges all Americans to take action to lower radon levels which test above 4.0 pCi/L. Lung Cancer is the biggest threat to your health and the health of your family and visitors, when radon levels in Tomahawk are elevated. Each family member, can develop a lung cancer diagnosis upon any age category. Radon can take some time to enter human lungs, but if radon particles to enter into the lungs and develop in the cells, it become a threat to getting lung cancer. All it takes is one radon particle. There is no reason to  live in a dwellings infected by dangerous radon gas, when Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing can perform mitigation services at an affordable price and mitigation system cost.

In Tomahawk, many roads and streets move from one zip code to the next. For instance, a home located between  US 51, now Business US 51) just south of Tomahawk in Lincoln County, was tested and to be found to have elevated radon, but a another home can be located on the same street, further down the road in Tomahawk had testing performed and was found to have safe radon levels indoors. It is of the utmost importance to sample the lowest level in your home. It is the only way to really know how safe your home really is from producing radon induced lung cancer. Putting off radon testing can be dangerous and unwise, when the science tells us that radon is a carcinogen to the human body.

Radon levels affects all life Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing N11445 Co Rd A LOT 18, Tomahawk, WI 54487 715-504-1122

Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing is the TOP radon mitigation system installation contractor in northern Wisconsin. We remediate radon gas levels in order to last a lifetime & give you peace of mind. We are the contractor that you look for when searching radon mitigation near me, we are the expert abatement environmental company. Tomahawk Radon Mitigation & Testing is the BEST radon mitigation contractor in northern Wisconsin. We fix gas levels to last a lifetime. If you are looking for radon mitigation near me, you found us. When experience matters, radon mitigation slab foundation is our expertise. Tomahawk, Minocqua, Stevens Point, Wausau, Merrill, Park Falls, Weston, Wisconsin Rapids, Marshfield, Wisconsin Rapids & Northern Wisconsin

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    Radon Mitigation in Lincoln County may be Needed in 34% of Tomahawk, WI Homes

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    Lincoln and Oneida County, as well as other northern Wisconsin, has many zip codes which contain indoor radon levels that are dangerous to live in Rhinelander is the county seat of the county of Oneida, Wisconsin, United States of America. Cassian, Crescent, Enterprise, Hazelhurst, Lake Tomahawk, Little Rice, Lynne, Minocqua, Monico, Newbold, Nokomis, Pelican, Piehl, Pine Lake, Schoepke, Stella, Sugar Camp, Three Lakes, Woodboro and Woodruff. Like every other city and county in Wisconsin, Rhinelander has a radon problem.

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    Tomahawk residents are urged to test their homes for radon.

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